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Put key into Yale lock, turn 90" 2. Pick coins up from flat surface, put into purses mounted on wall 3. Open/cIose zip 4. Pick up coins from purses 5. Lift wooden cubes over edge 5 cm in height 6. Lift iron over edge 5 cm in height 7.

Sollerman score

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rength, range of motion, Sollerman hand func-tion test) and a patient-reported measure (MHQ). Sollerman test includes subtests that represent common handgrips and activities. Scores range from 0 to 80 with higher sco- res reflecting a better performance. The MHQ Scores contains 6 domains: (1) overall hand The result of functional assessment showed Sollerman score was used as a standardised measure of hand function and time taken to complete testing was recorded. Grip strength was also measured in volunteers.

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4 - pick up  significant correlation between HISS and DASH scores was found, implying that initial injury severity is of importance for outcome. The mean Sollerman score  Results. There was agreement (kappa >= 0.4) between the examiners for 15 out of the 20 subtests. Using total sum scores, the agreement within the examiners,  av E Lindström · 2014 — Does the Mini-Sollerman test demonstrate the occupational Result: A significant and fairly relationship between self-assessed occupational  This study aims to investigate the usefullness of Sollerman Handfunction Test in Result: The children optain full score in four of twenty items in Sollerman  There was a weak but significant correlation between the HISS and DASH scores.

Tumbasartros – distriktsarbetsterapeutens insatser, Region

Sollerman score

(Runnquist, Cederlund & Sollerman, 1992; Weiss, La Stayo, Mills & Bramlet, 2000) Poängsättning (scoring) av DASH (pdf) · Frågeformulär DASH (pdf) · Hand-  Article has an altmetric score of 196. See more Article has an altmetric score of 32 Oestlin, G., Zackrisson, E., Sollerman, J., Mattila, S., Hayes, M. (2008).

Sollerman score

2016-10-01 · The sum score ranges between 0 and 12 points for each hand, where a score of 12 indicates normal dexterity . Table 1 . The scoring of the modified Sollerman Hand Function Test The scale was strongly correlated with the Sollerman test and the ASIA motor score. Conversely, very low correlation was observed between the level of education and the interval of time between The test results (grip, ROM, Sollerman score) in three patients with amputated thumbs were not found to differ greatly from those with replanted thumbs. These results raise the question of whether the Sollerman test underestimates the importance of the thumb or whether the thumb is overestimated in hand function.
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Grip strength was also measured in volunteers. RESULTS: Both gloves simulate a reduction in power and prolong time taken to complete Sollerman hand-function testing. Type: Journal article: Title: Evaluation of hand function in patients undergoing long term haemodialysis: Author: Limaye, V. Frankham, A. Disney, A. 2006-05-01 The purpose of this study on hand injury from powered wood splitters was to describe injury epidemiology and anatomy, to rate injury severity, to evaluate the outcome after injury and to describe f The scores for the SHFT listed in Table 3 for SCI patients show that the hand functions of S01, S02, and S03 were improved by Maestro, but the hand function score of S04 was unchanged. For S01, the SHFT score without the exoskeleton was 41, first SHFT score with the exoskeleton was 47, and second SHFT score with the exoskeleton was 50.

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Intra- and inter-rater reliability of the Sollerman hand function

Test-retest reliability was excellent for the Sollerman test, with intraclass correlation coefficients between 0.98 and 0.99 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.97–0.99), and good for Functional Dexterity test scores with correlation coefficients between 0.83 and 0.95 (95% CI. 71–0.97). 2019-12-04 The subtest scores vary according to the number of items performed in each subtest. The total score on the Jacobson-Sollerman, X & Sperling, Y. (1977). Grip function of the healthy hand in a standardized hand function test.

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The purpose of the study was to describe the outcome after hand injury from powered wood splitters, and to investigate the relation between injury severity and outcome. 2013-05-13 Hand function was assessed by the Sollerman hand function test. Fingertip to palm (FTP) distance measurement, grip strength and the Disability Assessment of Shoulder and Hand (DASH) questionnaire scores were also recorded. Data were analysed by simple and multiple linear regression models. RESULTS: The median Sollerman score was 75.5 (range 31-80). Sollerman scores were highly correlated between dominant and non-dominant hands (r s =0.69, p<000005). CONCLUSIONS—Hand dysfunction is a common finding among patients undergoing long term haemodialysis.

Intra- and inter-rater reliability of the Sollerman hand function

Nilsson A., Liljensten E., Bergström C., Sollerman C. Results From a  Masai – results from a cross-sectional study of physical activity, diet and coronary heart Monica Wiig, Magnus Berggren, Christer Sollerman. 6. Artroplastik av  The results highlight a gap between how stroke is perceived by the person having a och proprioception), STI-testet (aktiv diskriminativ känsel), mini Sollerman. 5Olaus Petri2000 0 592 0 0 146 228 228 1973 320 2,9010 307 2 350 Sollerman,SolveigGthlin,Pernilla2004-04-30Lindrothsgatan 34FILEN 16Nikolai2000 12  av M Nilsson · 2018 — De motoriska symtomen vid PS kan också klassificeras med Unified Parkinson's. Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS, del III) (46). UPDRS består av  jämförelse med Brunnstrom-Fugl-Meyer test (7), Sollerman test (6) och Motor Assessment.

The glove most effectively reduces subtests requiring fine touch such as picking up coins (task 4) and turning screws (task 8). It is unclear how much of this is contributed to by the reduced sensation caused by wearing the gloves. We chose to use the Sollerman score to assess the outcome because it involves performing common daily tasks during which different finger grip patterns are assessed.